Drug and alcohol abuse in St Augustine Florida 32084 is a problem that affects men and women of all ages. Both drug abuse and alcohol abuse are problems that require intensive treatment and rehabilitation.

Drug detox involves careful treatment in an attempt to help a person beat their serious addiction. Drug detox may involve in patient treatment in a hospital that is equipped to successfully treat drug and alcohol abuse and addiction.

Both drug abuse and alcohol abuse can cause a person to lose control over their lives. In addition, a person who is addicted to drugs and alcohol may lose touch with reality and they can become withdrawn and severely depressed. It is quite common for an alcohol and drug abuser to become depressed.

Drug and alcohol abuse in St Augustine Florida 32085 can involve misusing alcohol as well as abusing both prescription and street drugs. Many teenagers due to peer pressure find themselves addicted to drugs and alcohol. In addition, older individuals may also turn to drugs and alcohol as a means of coping with the pressures of every day life.

If drug and alcohol abuse is left untreated it can literally destroy a person. In addition, a person that abuses drugs and alcohol can end up destroying relationships with family members, friends and spouse. After a period time family members and close friends can no longer deal with behavior of the alcohol and drug abuser. This is why many drug and alcohol abusers can virtually end up alone.

Drug and alcohol abuse becomes a problem when a person begins to neglect their appearance, job and personal well being. Once a person is seriously addicted the only solution is to enter an accredited Saint Augustine 32086 drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

Drug and alcohol detox in St Augustine 32092 must be done in a gradual manner under the strict supervision of a physician. An addicted patient is gradually withdrawn from drugs and alcohol over a period of weeks until the problem is brought under control.

Drug and alcohol abuse can be successfully treated however, the person must first come to the realization that they in fact need help. Once the person admits that he or she needs professional help they should enter a treatment facility to start the detox process.

Detox can be difficult this is the reason it must be done within a professional and controlled setting. An alcoholic or drug addict can live a full and happy life however, each and every day may be a struggle. An alcoholic and addict is never really cured. There is no cure for the disease of addiction but a successful treatment program can save countless lives.