Choosing to enter into drug and alcohol treatment, for either yourself or a loved one, is never an easy decision. There are many factors to consider. Location, cost, and the method of treatment are all things to be considered. Your ability to feel comfortable will determine your recovery success.

Light House Point, Florida with a population of 10714, is a gorgeous location offering high quality and top ranked drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities. Located in Florida, you can rest and recover surrounded by paradise. Light House Point is conveniently located near large international airports. Making this a convenient destination for our patients who will be flying in to stay with us.

While recovering at our facility, it is imperative to leave the stress and old habits behind. Allow your stay in our beautiful Light House Point, Florida location to provide you with the tools and knowledge that will guide you into a successful and long-term recovery. Our expert staff, along with our desirable location, gives you a winning opportunity to move forward in your life, and forward on your road to recovery.

Surrounding yourself with the beauty of palm trees and sunshine will help ease your transition into your new healthy life. Just minutes from gorgeous Florida beaches, the smell of sea salt in the air adds an extra sense of serenity and motivates your mind and body to heal itself. Improve your life with our experienced rehabilitation methods, while experiencing beautiful weather and lifestyle like no other.

This is your opportunity to improve the quality of your life and help achieve long term success, while staying in one of the most gorgeous and desirable vacation destinations in the world. The warm breeze and serene environment will aide you throughout the difficult times in your recovery, that is sure to come. Encouragement from our dedicated staff and beautiful, relaxing Light House Point will provide you with many tools needed to help during your stay with us.

Allow our knowledgeable and caring staff to answer any questions you, or a loved one, may have about the Light House Point alcohol or drug rehabilitation process. Our counselors are available any time of the day and night. , The road to recovery is not an easy one, but allow us to make it as calm and painless as possible. Your health and success is our goal. We serve the following zip codes in Light House Point, Florida, 33064. Call Our Help Line Today