There are a lot of different vices that people use to make them feel good, even if it is for a short time. Alcohol is just one of these vices, but it is an extremely expensive one. In Lakeland Florida, there have been a lot of studies done on the cost of alcohol in a variety of areas. It was found out that on average in Florida alone, the total cost of alcohol abuse and alcoholism is around $21 billion. This causes a lot of problems in public officials eyes as well as the public, because that $21 billion could have been spent on other areas and programs, such as education.
When doing these studies, the $21 billion was generally spent within four different areas. The first area to discuss is crime. Crime will always happen, regardless if there is alcohol or drugs related, but in this case, $3.4 billion of the $21 billion was due to alcohol-involved crimes. That is around 16% of the entire amount. Around 12% of the $3.4 billion went towards the incarceration of the criminals that were under the influence of alcohol, and the other 88% were costs that were incurred by victims in one way or another. The crimes that were considered in this part of the information was everything from homicides while under the influence of alcohol and robberies. 33809 Lakeland Florida has issues with Drug and Alcohol Abuse, but also has some of the best rehab treatment centers in Florida. Lakeland Florida serves some of the top zip codes 33823,33813,33801,33868,33809 and many more.

The next area of the $21 billion has to do with traffic events. This area had the second largest amount coming to $7.274 billion, which is around 35% of the whole $21 billion. Luckily the largest portion of this cost was due to non-fatal traffic injuries. They averaged about 65% of the the $7.274 billion, but that leaves 35% of the costs were due to fatalities that were caused or were attributed by alcohol. That is a large amount of money due to injuries created by something that could have easily been prevented.

Illnesses were the lowest percentage of the $21 billion at $3.4 billion, which came out to around 7% of total costs. There are many different illnesses that are caused solely by alcoholism, and the treatments for these illnesses are not cheap and could have been prevented by merely not drinking alcohol, but the problem is the fact that alcoholism is a very large problem everywhere in the United States.

Out of all these areas, the largest one that was recorded on this survey in Lakeland Florida was from fatal injuries. This means that it was money spent for injuries that either involved alcohol or was caused by it. This part of the survey was around 42% at $8.9 billion. One reason this category is so much is because there are a lot of different things that could happen to put the money in this category. Alcohol poisoning, drowning, suicides, and even fatalities in fires go until this category.


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