The first step in curing alcohol abuse is recognizing that you do it. We live in a society where most U.S. adults – some 67% – say they drink alcohol. It’s not always easy to tell the difference between social drinking and problem drinking. There is, however, a difference between alcoholism and the abuse of alcohol. An alcoholic has a physical desire to drink alcohol but does not possess the capacity to control it. An alcohol abuser can set some limits on drinking – even stop for a day or so, but the desire comes back and so does the self-destruction.

The signs of alcohol abuse include:

* getting drunk after every fight at work or argument with a boss or loved one
* ignoring family or doing poorly at work due to hangovers
* acting in a dangerous manner, such as reckless driving, when drinking
* drinking every time there is stress

For most alcohol abusers, the biggest problem in getting help is one word: denial.

* Denial #1. “I can stop drinking whenever I want.” Actually, you probably can’t
stop and, actually, you probably don’t want to.
* Denial #2. “I don’t abuse alcohol because I go to work on time every day.” Most
alcohol abusers are not homeless or not working.
* Denial #3. “I’m a wine drinker; I never touch the hard stuff.” If alcohol causes
problems in your life, it doesn’t matter if it’s wine, beer, whiskey, or a rum
drink with three pieces of fruit.
* Denial #4. “I don’t abuse drugs; drugs are the real problem.” But alcohol IS a
drug, and in your case, that IS the real problem.

If you show any signs of alcohol abuse, even if you just feel that alcohol might be
running your life, and if you can get past the denials, there is an answer. It is alcohol abuse florida, a basic approach to addiction treatment in the state. The emphasis centers around the belief that addiction is a disease that affects not only the person who has it but also the addict’s friends and loved ones. There are customized treatment plans that include daily group therapy and weekly individual sessions; a focus on wellness that includes nutrition and pain management; psychiatric and medical meetings; gym workouts; and massage services. You don’t have to face this battle alone.

The idea for alcohol abuse florida is based on effective long-term recovery from a dependence on alcohol combined with a non-judgmental attit6ude and lots of TLC. Everyone concentrates on freeing you from the constraints of dependence upon alcohol No matter your occupation or your social situation, we are here. Free yourself with help from us. We can do it, and best of all, so can you.