There are many different types of abuse. Alcohol abuse can range from being completely dependent on a daily basis to binge drinking and having cravings to drink. Alcoholism is a disease in which effects your mind and body. It could may slow down your ability to think rationally and logically, causes memory loss and may effect your body physically by losing function in and damaging your liver and in some cases can even cause cancer. If you chose to try and stop abusing alcohol it may come with many different side effects from withdrawing from drinking much like withdrawals from drug abuse. Withdrawing from alcoholic beverages may include fevers, nauseousness, body tremors and loss of sleep due to the severity of the withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol has been the number one cause of accidents due to drunk driving and suicides in America. To stop or decrease these statistics, having knowledge about what steps you can take to stop alcoholism or alcohol abuse is a crucial factor in saving lives and helping people have a better quality of life.

Alcoholism can damage relationships with friends, loved ones and can destroy your self identification and self worth. Being dependent on alcoholic drinks can stem from past experiences and can even be hereditary as many studies have shown. It can also stem from anger or stress related events in a persons life. Whatever events or reasons that have caused a person to become victimized by alcoholism, there are many different ways to treat this disease with support from a treatment center, guidance from family and friends and wanting to help yourself to become sober.The first way to get help through your addiction is coming to the realization that you in fact are abusing alcoholic beverages. Removing yourself completely from alcohol is the next step. Many people need help in this step due to overwhelming cravings of drinking. In doing this, they may find solace in a drug/alcohol abuse treatment center. These centers offer many different tools and strategies to help a person become sober through therapy and involving patients in exercises to promote healthy and sober living. Due to the nature of addiction from the patient, some treatment centers may vary in programs they offer.In many states and cities there is an option for self treatment or after care treatment. There are groups such as alcoholics anonymous where people share how they overcame their dependency and addictions and what caused them to start down the path of alcoholism. This class is committed to keeping people completely anonymous and to show a person that they are not alone in their fight to become sober.

To many people dependent on drinking, feeling like you are in a dark place can cause more reasons to fuel your addiction. There is hope with perseverance and knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel. By working along side people and treatment centers that can help you over come your addictions, you will have a better quality of life and a brighter future ahead.