Drug and alcohol abuse is a widespread epidemic throughout America. Alcohol is the most widely used drug in the United States at this very moment. The average age that individuals begin to start experimenting with drug abuse is as young as 13 years old and with alcohol abuse, the beginning age is even younger. There are very good drug detox centers in Port St Lucie Florida, which are highly effective in treating drug and alcohol abuse in individuals. Some of the very best of these rehab centers are located in the state of Florida.
Alcohol is considered to be third in the list of the largest causes of death in America. Many complications arise from the long-term abuse of alcohol and drugs that increase the likelihood of death. Abuse is significant in raising the risk of heart disease and cancer. 100,000 related deaths are reported each year in this country alone. Alcohol and drug abuse is the leading factor of death in people between the ages of 15 and 24. It has been responsible for the majority of automobile accident deaths, as well as more than half of all suicidal deaths. It is also a significant leading factor in domestic abuse and unemployment in America. Drug and alcohol detox In Port St Lucie Florida is very possible, even in those where it seems all hope is lost. Detox facilities are a highly effective method of treating those with abuse problems. Unfortunately, it is reported that only 1 out of every 36 alcoholics ever receive treatment for their problems. When drugs are also included into this statistic, it is sadly even lower.

Port St Lucie Florida Drug and alcohol detox saves the lives and saves the families of not only those who are related to the abuser, but also others who could potentially be harmed by their behavior. 53 percent of adults in the United States have reported that one or more individuals that are close to them have a drinking problem. Alcohol and drug detox centers are there to help. Drug abuse should not be left untreated, especially when there are excellent treatment centers there that can help. Florida is home to some of the nations best and leading rehab facilities, where people from all over the United States visit to receive their detox treatment.