Alcohol and drug addiction can affect anyone and have severe consequences on a life. One of the main concepts of approaching addiction is to connect with your higher power and develop a strong network of supporters. For many alcoholics and addicts, the church can provide that necessary support group. Florida is home to some of the best Christian based alcohol and drug rehab programs. The first step to taking control over your own addiction is admitting that the alcohol or drugs have control over you. This is a difficult decision to make but will allow the start of the road to recovery begin. Addiction can create a wedge between life, happiness, good health and personal growth.

If there is a possibility that there is an addiction issue in your life, ask yourself these questions.
1. Do you drink or do drugs alone?
2. Do you avoid connections with other people to fuel an addiction?
3. Has alcohol or drugs had a bad effect on your life, family or employment?
4. Have you lost the desire to achieve a goal?
5. Are you embarrassed about your addiction?
6. Have you considered entering a rehab facility but do not know where to look?
7. Has your family or coworkers pointed out that you may have an addiction?
8. Can you allow God into your life to heal the addiction?
9. Do you feel powerless?
10. Has alcohol or drug addiction caused problems with relationships?

If you answered “Yes” to a few of the above questions, then it may be time to find the right Christian based rehab facility. The next step is deciding to take action to heal yourself. Many addicts have issues following through on the rehab plan, but that is why it is crucial to have a support system. As soon as you realize there is a problem, it is crucial to discuss a plan of action with a family member or church member so they can help finding the best Florida Christian rehab facility. Some facilities have a primary focus toward addiction in general where others specialize in certain types. This can be overwhelming but is definitely worth the effort.

The next step is checking into the facility chosen. That may seem like a simple task but it will take perseverance to follow through with the plan. This is another reason that discussing the options for treatment with others is important. God has given you the strength to realize that you need help and will support you through the process. Depending on the type of addiction you have, the rehab program will range from a week to 30 days. This time will allow you the safe environment for detox and treatment.

Unfortunately, relapse is possible for any addiction but allowing the time for the program to work is crucial to success. Christian based rehab facilities have a higher success rate because the addict forms the connection to a higher power easier. You will admit that you are powerless over the addiction and God to lead you to recovery. There are many Christian rehab facilities in Florida so let’s move forward on the road to recovery.