Cocaine Addiction-A Brief Overview

While there are many debilitating diseases and conditions that can make it difficult for an individual to lead a healthy and productive life, cocaine addiction can be uniquely problematic. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that cocaine abuse can have adverse effects on an individual’s physical and mental health while also alienating him or her from loved ones. Despite the fact that substance abuse disorders such as addiction to cocaine can have a profoundly negative impact on one’s life, help is available. By learning more about cocaine addictions, you can equip yourself with the knowledge necessary to either avoid or recover from the condition.

Cocaine Addiction-The BasicsAlthough broadly defined, cocaine addiction is basically a physical and mental dependence on cocaine. As a highly addictive central nervous system stimulant that is removed from the leaves of the coca plant, dependence upon cocaine can have many adverse effects in your life. Some of them can include irritability, anxiety, restlessness, and paranoia. The two major forms of ingesting cocaine include inhaling it through the nose (snorting) or dissolving it in water and subsequently injecting it into a vein (skin popping.) This latter practice increases the duration of an individual’s high and can also result in infection as well as several other undesirable medical complications. In the event that an individual is in the habit of snorting cocaine, the following signs may be present:-loss of one’s sense of smell
-difficulty swallowing
-a chronically runny nose

In addition to exhibiting the following signs, people subject to cocaine abuse can experience a plethora of undesirable health conditions such as:

-heart problems such as heart attacks
-respiratory failure
-nervous system problems, including strokes
-contracting HIV and/or other diseases through shared needle use
-severe allergic reactions
-digestive issues
-skin infections

In addition to causing the aforementioned health challenges, this form of substance abuse can result in alienation from one’s family and friends. This alienation transpires as the cocaine addict begins to spend more and more time, energy, and money attaining and using the illegal substance.

Solutions For Cocaine Addiction

Although becoming addicted to cocaine can often make the addict feel overwhelmed and helpless, viable solutions are available. One such solution is getting assistance from a rehab clinic. Rehab clinics can be very efficacious because they offer cocaine addicts the counseling services of trained professionals who can provide the guidance and information necessary to help the addict overcome the psychological dependence upon the debilitating substance. Additionally, rehab clinics tend to feature detoxification services that eliminate cocaine from the addict’s body. Like counseling services, the detoxification process can help the addict overcome his dependence upon the drug.


As many health and drug experts know, addiction to cocaine can have a profoundly negative impact on one’s mental and physical health. However, solutions are available in the form of rehabilitation clinics as well as support from family and friends. If you believe that you or a loved one are struggling with an addiction to cocaine, be sure to consult with a trained medical official immediately.