What is drug abuse? This is a serious question that weighs heavy on the mind’s of many.

Drug abuse is a term with many different labels in reference to an over excessive dependency or addiction for a range of substances deemed hazardous for one’s health and well being. Most usually drug abuse is red flagged by society as being associated with an overwhelming compulsion for the use of consuming alcohol and the illegal use of manufactured street drugs known as narcotics. This however does not exclude a habitual use of prescription drugs. Prescription drugs can just as easily be abused and are found to be more addictive then most street drugs. Each substance has its own effect on a person’s health; it’s because of this nobody really understand how some people become addicted and other who have tried the same drug do not. The initial thought tends to blame environmental influence with a contributing to pure pressure from family, friends and other socialized stamina.

Drug addiction is a complicated disease hindering the logic reasoning in the manner a person’s mind and body fall dependent to a particular substance, craving the intoxicating effects. Many, but not all addicts suffer from memory lapse, fumbled thoughts, loose speech, and jittery motor skills. Some may even become PERMA-FRIED, an urban term used to describe a person who’s mental state has been permanently altered by drug usage. What may have started out as recreational use for parties and fun slowly erupts, gaining control of their lives. A person who becomes addicted to a drug related substance eventually loses the ability to control their life style. The need for feeding their habit causes them to spur off in anxious frenzies looking to find that next fix. Addicts are always willing to do, for whatever means necessary to get it, even when that means they must beg, steal, or borrow. Some will even end up incarcerated.

Though drug addiction is a disease, it’s curable for the most part, considering one seeks help and treatment before any permanent damage occurs to their health, but more importantly it is completely preventable. The decision to participate in the consumption of drug use is a voluntary action, but at the same time is the leading cause that may trigger an addiction, growing with an impulsive need, altering the way one’s brain perceives reality and priorities in life.

For those struggling with drug abuse habits, the journey isn’t easy. In many cases an intervention is necessary as an effort to convince the substance abuser they have a problem and persuading them to seek and receive help. There are treatments, dry out centers and rehab facilities that specialize in helping addicts understand the question, ‘What is Drug Abuse’ and what it means to succumb or overcome their addiction. Treatment can be invasive, but at the same time effective for one’s recovery.

If you are an addict please seek treatment and stick to your well plan provided by a drug abuse and preventions counselor.