Many drug abuse and detox treatment facilities in Aventura, Florida, 33180 offer comprehensive treatment plans that begin with detoxification. The process may last a total of 10 days, but this is contingent on the severity of the withdrawal symptoms. Moreover, a number of Aventura treatment facilities offer a medically managed detox plan. This allows patients to slowly wean off of their drug of choice in a safe and controlled environment. The drugs that are prescribed serve to substitute for their drug of choice. Further, they work to reduce withdrawal symptoms.

The top places in Aventura Florida 33180 adopt their clients into their family. Individualized treatment plans from drug detox and alcohol detox to recovery and reuniting with the family members. The focus is education. Teaching people addicted and their loved ones about addictions, preventions and giving life skills to continue sobriety.

If you know someone having trouble with drugs or alcohol, it often takes someone else to point out the problem to them. People that are using don’t want to admit their faults or that they have a problem. Many people turn to drugs or alcohol to help them handle stressful situations or events. Some situations that can be stressful include divorce, death of a loved one, financial issues, or even social issues.

If you or a loved one is suffering with any type of substance abuse problem, please call our hotline 24/7 for more information. Our Aventura Florida Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers are available to help you.