The State of Florida continues to have some of the United States highest number of drug and alcohol abuse statistics yet at the same time Coconut Creek Florida has among the highest number of drug and alcohol abuse treatment rehabs in the nation. One area of improvement is the implementation of stricter drug control measures of prescription drugs.
Florida has the nation’s fourth largest population and a large percentage of the teenage population of Florida (54%) has at least tried alcohol or uses it on a regular basis. Also the large numbers of retirees in Florida has a higher percentage of alcohol abuse and alcoholism. $8.9 billion was the cost for alcohol related deaths and the total costs of all alcohol deaths, illnesses, lost wages and crime for all age groups was $21 billion in 2012.The prescription drug abuse epidemic in Florida is still being dealt with today. Prescription opiate painkillers such as Oxycontin and tranquilizers such as Xanax and Valium are abused by people who then become addicted to them. Sometimes patients having a legitimate need for opiate painkillers become addicted. People can acquire large quantities of prescription medications in Florida from businesses called pain management facilities. These medical offices are “pill mills” where anyone with enough cash can easily receive prescriptions. The doctors operating “pill mills” are enabling drug-addicted people to maintain their addictions. Fortunately by 2011 Florida had passed strict control laws requiring monitoring of prescriptions and people using multiple prescriptions, resulting in tighter control of opiate painkillers and shutting down pill mills. The total cost’s of prescription drug abuse in Florida in 2012 was $22 billion.
The long established illegal drug trafficking of cocaine and heroin through Florida has contributed heavily to the Coconut Creek drug abuse problem as well. More pure and cheaper costing cocaine and heroin are easily available and don’t require injecting, which is appealing to users. These illegal drugs can easily result in injury or overdose to users, because of unknown purity or strength.
Fortunately for someone suffering from drug abuse or addiction in Coconut Creek Florida has many detox rehabs. These rehabs are often tailored for the client or patient as to which drug or drugs they are addicted to. Detox rehabs can range from elite, personal care rehabs to state run institutions. Many rehabs are available in Coconut Creek Florida call our hotline 24/7 For Help.