The state of Florida has always been a predominant state for drug abuse as well as alcohol abuse for several years now. With regards to Delray Beach Florida drug abuse, the situation has always been centered on prescription drugs; in this case, access to all sorts of painkillers has been pretty easy, most especially with Florida Physicians. This issue seemed to pose a lot of problem, as people utilized the opportunity to abuse the drugs, using them for purposes other than for curing pain and other ailments. The situation got so bad that most young Florida residents, after realizing the potency in the drugs, used them to get “high”(a slang used to represent a body state, where the mind is under the influence of a substance).
Recently, the state law enforcement decided to clamp down on the menace and rising addiction of Delray Beach drug abuse 33445 by putting a stop to pill mills, as well enforcing other changes. The federal government also took steps to reducing the use of prescription drugs by revoking the licenses, through Florida DEA, given to certain pharmacies who illegally dispense the controlled substance known as oxycodone, a prescription drug responsible for the death of addicted drug abusers all up to 50 percent. Also, in an effort to solve the problem, a lot of drug detox centers and programs in Delray Beach Florida. The drug detox centers are created to further control the abuse of the drugs by admitting abusers and helping them through therapy and a lot of care, just so they can be sober.

In the case of alcohol abuse in Delray Beach Florida, the situation has not been any different as Florida residents including visitors continue to experiment with alcohol intake. The state of Florida has been singled out through research as the state with the highest amount DUI arrests. During Spring break, one gets to see young people and students indulge in alcohol abuse excessively. Alcohol is taken as a way of escape from guilt, shyness, low esteem and other factors. Presently, Florida state alcoholic abuse as had a huge impact on the health care system, the criminal justice system as well as the child welfare system.

As a way of curbing and reducing the rising state of abuse in the state, there have been increasing establishment of Delray Beach alcohol detox programs 33482, abuse and addiction centers by the Florida state government. The state government realized that with more alcohol detox programs and centers, it would be easier to have more people who are alcoholics in the state, get involved in the programs which will eventually help them manage their addictions and give their lives more value.