Drug and alcohol abuse in Fort Myers Florida is still a very real problem. Florida is known to have a serious Oxycontin problem, which along with other drugs and alcohol can end up becoming deadly.
Drug and alcohol abuse in Fort Myers Florida is something that will most certainly escalate over a period of time. Many people start taking drugs and drinking alcohol when they are teenagers. Therefore, by the time a person reaches their mid twenties they could be considered a serious alcoholic and drug addict.

Alcohol and drug abuse in Florida could happen to just about anyone. Both prescription and illegal drugs are serious problems in Florida. In addition, when you throw alcohol into the mix it makes the drug situation that much worse. Mixing drugs and alcohol together can become even more lethal.

The only way to conquer drug and alcohol abuse in Fort Myers Florida is to first realize that the person has a serious problem. In addition, if it happens to be a close friend or family member who is addicted you may try speaking to them about the situation. Once the issue is addressed it would be a good idea to try and convince the person to enter treatment.

Florida has a number of accredited drug and alcohol hospitals and programs. Once a person enters a treatment facility they will normally stay about 30 days. Most hospital treatment facilities have strict rules and regulations for each patient. The goal of the facility to help the person kick their drug and alcohol habit once and for all.

It is important to remember that an alcoholic or drug addict in Florida will never really be cured. Drug and alcohol addiction can only be treated. It is important to find out the circumstances as to why a person started drinking or taking drugs.

If a person is successfully treated for their addiction in Florida it is critical that the person continue with counseling on an out patient basis. Alcohol abusers and drug addicts can very easily relapse especially during the first year of treatment.

If you know someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol or both in Fort Myers Florida try to persuade them to seek help. You should be able to successfully locate a number of treatment centers in Florida by doing a basic Internet search. Also, you may be able to find an excellent treatment facility by simple word of mouth.