In many Places, not just Jacksonville Florida there are people who have trouble with drug and alcohol abuse. Jacksonville Florida is no different than other city’s who struggle with how to quail this problem which can lead to other problems.
When you think about the fact that some drugs might be legalized, it begs the question why. Why even entertain the thought of legalizing adverse substances? If this is allowed to happen the world, as we know it would be come, more than it already is, a very troubled place in which to reside.

When drugs and alcohol is abused in Jacksonville, it affects not just the person using them but those around them every day. Family members, friends and associates are also affected. Those drivers that use these vices while under the wheel of a vehicle not only put themselves in danger but anyone in that vehicle or other vehicles. Not just families but whole communities are affected.

We can think of nothing greater than our children’s future. Households or communities will survive only when excessive drug and alcohol abuse become a thing of the past. These vices can cause heart disease, cancer and other illnesses that can become incurable.
The key to this argument is keeping our children (and the adults) educated about what these two vices do. They are harmful in ways some cannot comprehend. Alcohol affects the brain and nervous system and other organs. Drugs also affect the brain through the body allowing for things to happen that otherwise would not like under eating, not keeping one’s self clean and saying anything that comes to mind instead of careful word choice.

Drug and alcohol abuse in Jacksonville Florida is not an argument that an intoxicated person can win – only someone who has been there and done that, can impress upon others how dangerous these practices are and help to put an end to their destruction.

Hopefully, our collective input will turn the tide away from these issues for those who will follow us and keep them on the right track. We can help each other if each of us stay vigil and say “No” to drugs and alcohol as an alternative. We have so much more to offer the next generation than a short-lived existence because of bad choices.