Florida is a beautiful place, but sadly it’s a well-known state for drug trafficking. To date, the primary drug of concern in Florida is cocaine, which is readily available in multi-kilogram measurements. For lower socio-economic residents, crack cocaine is the drug of choice. Heroin is the prevalent go-to drug in the central and southern regions of Florida, causing violent seizures. Small meth labs are a menace to society in central Florida and continue to have an explosive upturn in the area. Ecstasy, also known as GHB, is a dangerous drug that is easily circulated around Florida’s collages and universities. The Panhandle region is notorious for transporting marijuana from Mexico.
If you are a Key West Florida resident suffering from drug addiction, making the decision to get rehabilitated is one of the most important decisions you can ever make as it can save your life. Talk to your doctor about helping you select the best Key West Florida drug detox center. If you choose to search for a Florida drug detox center all on your own, make sure that the center has a good reputation and that the facility has been in operation for a considerable amount of time. The Orlando area, for example, has an outstanding facility called House of Freedom which focuses not just on drug treatment itself, but the mental, physical, spiritual, and social aspects that all tie into the treatment of drug addiction.

Alcohol-related abuse has cost the state of Florida an astounding 21 billion dollars. Alcoholism has had a significant negative impact on the state’s criminal justice system, healthcare system, and child welfare system. Alcoholism can also be directly linked to robberies, fires, falls, accidental poisoning and drowning, rape and other physical assaults, murder, and suicide. Additionally, many of Key West Florida’s alcoholics suffer from physical and mental ailments such as gastritis, dementia, sleep disorders, and depression.

Key West Florida has some of the best alcohol treatment centers in the country. These centers have addiction-certified psychiatrists and trained medical staff who specialize in addictive medicine. Residents attend important classes in the management of medicine, life skills, and family therapy. Real Life Recovery, in Jacksonville, provides a holistic approach to alcoholism recovery that includes proper nutrition, physical fitness, and natural pain management so that its residents can work through their substance dependence in a healthy way.

Seeking help for drug and alcohol addiction in Florida can save your life. Sobriety will not only help you, but will provide healing and understanding to friends and family who may not fully understand that substance abuse is a serious disease that can not be overcome without extensive treatment.