Alcohol plays a big role in modern American life, and drug use is more common now than in the past. According to the Florida Institute of Technology, about 90 percent of today’s teenagers have used alcohol. More than 50 percent have used marijuana, and nearly 30 percent have used cocaine, hallucinogens or other drugs.
Sixty percent of emergency room admissions are related to alcohol and drug abuse. Half of all traffic accidents, many of them fatal, also involve alcohol or drugs. These substances are a factor in 60 percent of job-related performance and safety incidents.

Effects of Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Sarasota Florida 34232

Drugs and alcohol impact physical and mental health. Increased heart rate, high blood pressure, dizziness, vomiting, vision problems, slurred speech and motor skills impairment are common physical effects of drug and alcohol abuse. Poor attention, concentration and decision-making are some of the mental effects. Memory loss and exaggerated emotion are also common effects.

Long-term alcohol and drug abuse can cause nutritional deficiencies, organ damage, tremors, hallucinations and anti-social behaviors. People who use drugs or alcohol have trouble coping with school, work or life.

Sarasota Florida 34234 Alcohol and Drug Detox Centers

Denial is the main symptom of drug and alcohol addiction. Recognizing the problem and deciding to change are the first steps toward recovery. Drug detox centers can help addicts kick the habit and work on their recovery.

There are a number of detox centers in Sarasota Florida, from residential treatment centers to outpatient programs. Detoxification rids the body of alcohol, drugs and other toxins. It is an essential part of recovery, and it is a requirement before intensive therapy can begin.

Sarasota Florida has some amazing Drug detox centers . They allow addicts to detox in a private, comfortable way. Detoxification stabilizes drug and alcohol abuse patients and sets them on the road to recovery.

Drug and alcohol detox centers provide natural or medical treatments that are safe and effective. No matter what drug was used or how long it continued, detoxification is a necessary gateway to a better life.