The Effects of Drug and Alcohol Abuse


Chemical dependency has the ability to harm families and a person’s ability to earn an income. In addition, it strains family relationships and causes others to not want to be around the person with chemical dependency. Given it’s devastating effects, drug abuse and alcohol abuse are huge problems in modern society. Once these are overcome, it’s not uncommon for an addict to slip back into the same patterns which led them down the path of dependency or abuse. Rehab must have a long and lasting effect in order to truly work.A loved one is often put into the situation of being an enabler for the drug addicted person. Phoning employers and others when the person is unable to work, this loved one is thus in a difficult position from a moral standpoint. Should the enabler change their habits, or should they decide to no longer support the addict? For most, this is a challenge which can destroy a person.

Alcohol and drug abuse are two of the most expensive addictions. Both require that the addict spend a substantial sum of money, leaving the addict to become impoverished and unable to meet day to day expenses. Addicts most often resort to theft in order to keep their addiction going and maintain a sense of stability in their lives. The same is true for alcohol abuse, and addicts often end up homeless as a result.

The only way to safely treat an alcohol or drug addict is through a rehab program. A good rehab provides a safe and supportive environment for the person to grow and to confront their past. During the process, the person is usually able to rebuild their lives and regain their sense of self worth and satisfaction. A successful recovery involves reconciliation with the past and a desire to move forward with their future goals and dreams.

Recovery involves a series of steps which are required for the person to be able to confront their past and move forward with their future goals and ambitions. Once the person does so, they are usually able to make a full recovery. A full recovery is the most desired option as the person has to deal with all of the issues that led them to alcohol and drug abuse. These are challenges which addicts face on a regular basis.

Addiction can be handled with persistence and a willingness on the part of the addict to change. Those whom resist change are more often than not unable to resist the temptation of drugs and alcohol. Once the person is able to overcome what led them to the point of addiction, they will finally be able to improve their ability to resist it once and for all. Once a full recovery is made, it’s easy for the person to avoid being an addict again if they are able to remain committed to avoiding substances and help others in their journey to be chemical free and avoid their past challenges in the future.