Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Fort Lauderdale Florida 33315

When you are facing a drug addiction, it may seem like there is no way out. The grip of addiction is iron strong, and it takes a lot of help to overcome it. Because addiction is so powerful, it is nearly impossible for someone to overcome an addiction on his or her own. They need the help of rehab and a support group to fight their demons. Keep reading to discover everything addicts and their loved ones should know about fighting their addictions in Fort Lauderdale Florida 33315.

Types of Addictions

One of the scariest things about addiction is, how many ways it can get its claws into people. There are dozens of activities and substances that can get a person hooked. However, some of the most dangerous addictions are the ones that come from substance abuse.

People in Fort Lauderdale Florida 33004 find it easy to get addicted to alcohol and drugs. Because this state has such a strong tourist industry and beautiful weather, it creates a party atmosphere that pervades the state. This party atmosphere means that the alcohol flows heavily. Fort Lauderdale Florida 33301 is also a major pipeline for cocaine coming in from South America, which makes it readily available for addicts to get hooked on.

As well as cocaine and alcohol abuse, many addicts in Fort Lauderdale Florida 33304 struggle with crystal meth, heroin, crack and other drugs. When people move from drug abuse of these substances to addiction, they enter a downward spiral that only ends when they hit rock bottom.

Hitting Rock Bottom

When you have someone you care about struggling with addiction, you are nearly powerless to stop him or her. You can try and stage an intervention, and sometimes that works. However, many addicts only stop using and stare the road to recovery is when they finally hit rock bottom on their own. Rock bottom is the place where an addict has nothing left to lose. He has lost money, friends, family, health and self-respect to the drug. Often, it is a big event like getting arrested or losing a spouse that makes an addict hit rock bottom. This is the time when the healing can finally begin.

Entering Drug Detox and Rehab

When an addict hits rock bottom, he will finally admit that they he has a problem with alcohol abuse or drug abuse. This is when he will be willing to go to a drug detox and rehab facility to get off the substance that he is addicted to. In drug detox in Fort Lauderdale Florida 33315, patients will get help going through the withdrawal symptoms of coming off of their drug abuse. They will then begin the process of rehab that will allow them to rebuild her lives.

Rehab centers generally keep patients inside for two or three months. During this time, they will go through counseling and learn the joys of the 12-step method of recovery. Armed with the tools that they learn in rehab, addicts will be able to face recovery one day at a time when they leave. They will always have to fight against their addictions for the rest of their lives, but they will be alive to fight the battle.

It is heartbreaking to watch a loved one goes through the downward spiral of addiction. You should try to help him hit rock bottom with an intervention, but you may simply have to wait for him to admit he has a problem on his own. It is a devastating process, but there is always hope for recovery.