Although there are a variety of different diseases that an individual could struggle with, there are many instances in which she or he has to grapple with the debilitating reality of two conditions. For example, an individual could suffer from both a mental illness and a substance abuse problem. When this is the case, the individual is said to have a dual diagnosis. In order to ensure that individuals who are diagnosed with co-occurring conditions receive the help they need to recover and begin thriving, it is important that they attain adequate treatment. Individuals living in the Florida area should note that there are a plethora of wonderful drug and alcohol rehab centers that can help treat those with a dual diagnosis. By learning more about dual diagnosis treatment and the conditions that make it necessary, individuals struggling with both mental illnesses and substance abuse problems can equip themselves with the knowledge necessary to recover and begin leading productive, powerful lives.

Co-occurring Substance Abuse Problems

Although there is a lack of information regarding how often people who have a severe mental illness simultaneously experience a co-occurring problem with substance abuse, reports indicate that:

-About 50% of people with severe mental disorders are affected by issues of substance abuse
-37% of people who are addicted to alcohol and 53% of drug abusers have at least one mental illness that is serious
-29% of all people diagnosed with a mental disorder abuse either drugs or alcohol
-47% of people with schizophrenia also had a substance abuse disorder (this rate is four times higher than that of the general populace)
-61% of people with bipolar disorder were also found to have a substance abuse disorder (this rate is five times higher than the general populace)

Dual Diagnosis Treatment-The Basics

Once an individual receives a dual diagnosis, the next step is treatment. Research findings indicate that for the purposes of full recovery, consumers who have a dual diagnosis need treatment for both of their conditions. This is the case because focusing on just one condition will not ensure that the other will be eradicated. With dual diagnosis services, integrated assistance is provided for each condition. This methodological framework permits individuals to recover from both their mental disorder and substance abuse condition at the same time and in one setting.

Florida Drug And Rehab Centers

Individuals who live in Florida and have received a dual diagnosis should note that Florida drug and rehab centers can offer treatment services that aid recovery and help the sufferer resume a healthy, productive life. There are a variety of services that Florida drug and rehab centers could offer an individual. In addition to standard medication and therapy, a drug and rehab center might offer job and housing assistance, assertive outreach, family counseling, and relationship and money management. The treatment is personalized, long-term, and can begin at whichever level of recovery the consumer is on upon beginning treatment. The Florida drug and rehab centers help facilitate the treatment process by fostering a spirit of positivity, optimism, and hope.


Although a dual diagnosis can be a difficult reality to grapple with, Florida drug and rehabilitation centers can help. If you think that you or a loved one is struggling with a co-occurring condition, be sure to consult with a trained medical professional for diagnosis and treatment.