Drug and alcohol abuse is not easy to explain or even understand. Many people believe that drug or alcohol abusers are immoral or lack willpower and that they should just suck it up and change or quit. Everyone knows that street drugs are bad and abusing prescription drugs are bad but some just don’t understand that people who abuse drugs cannot just change their behavior.

Countless millions of dollars have been spent on trying to figure out what it is in the brain that causes some people to become addicted to drugs and alcohol and others not to. Only through impressive scientific advances have we discovered more and more about what happens in the brain with those who become addicted and cannot ever seem to totally quit. Drug and alcohol abuse is tragic to not only to the addict, but to the family and friends of the addict. PalmBay Florida has some of the top rated drug and alcohol rehab centers.

The drug and alcohol abuse in Florida alone is a twenty-one billion dollar problem. Everything from the healthcare system to the criminal justice system and even the child welfare system is stretched and taxed because of Florida’s growing drug and alcohol problem. Crime, illness and injury are all problems stemming from people abusing drugs and/or alcohol. Once a person enters the system because of substance abuse, it is very hard to pull them back out. Bigger and better programs need to be put in place to help those that are troubled.

Palm Bay drug abuse Prevention of course is always the number one choice in solving some of the problems in Florida. Substance abuse is preventable if we know how to do it. Family involvement and programs surrounding at risk people are a big step to helping fight the problem. Getting the youths of Florida involved in not only preventing their peers from being sucked into the substance abuse paths but getting them to reach out to their communities are great ways to educate. If you or a love one is suffering from drug or alcohol abuse in the Palm Bay area call our help line today.