Substance abuse is a serious problem in the state of Florida. Coral Gables Florida has an exceptionally high rate of methamphetamine and prescription drug abuse. Alcoholism is also a problem. Dealing with drug and alcohol abuse is not easy for anyone involved. Residents of Coral Gables Florida 33114 should understand some of the basic signs of substance abuse.
Changes in Personality

Drugs and alcohol both affect the brain. They suppress some of the parts of the brain responsible for moderating behavior and making proper judgments. Drug and alcohol abuse can cause a person in Florida to act in an uncharacteristic way. An addict often behaves or says things that are not typical of his or her personality.

Changes in Appearance

One of the reasons medical drug detox in Florida is necessary is because substance abuse affects the biology of the body. Alcohol abuse can cause redness of the face, yellowing of the eyes and spots on the hands and head. Drug abuse suppresses appetite. Sudden weight loss, a gaunt appearance and an unhealthy skin tone can all indicate serious addiction. Addicts in Coral Gables Florida 33124 can also start to experience shaking or nervous ticks when the drugs start to leave the system.

Changes in Psychology

Part of an alcohol detox program in Florida is dealing with the changes that occur in the brain because of the substance. Drugs and alcohol both modify the chemicals and hormones released in the brain. This can result in the onset of problems like clinical depression, severe anxiety and more serious issues. The changes in the brain can lead to permanent damage that affects memory, speech and motor functions after long-term abuse. Psychological changes like mood swings and social isolation can indicate addiction problems.

Other Signs of Addiction

There are several other signs of addiction to look for. A common sign is when a person stops taking care of personal hygiene and appearance. This can lead to a disheveled and dirty look. Another sign is a constant need for more money to feed the addiction. This can result in arrests for theft or robbery. Obvious signs are a constant smell of alcohol, drug paraphernalia in the home or unexplained marks on arms and legs from needle.


Anyone who is showing signs of drug abuse in Coral Gables 33143 should receive professional treatment in Florida as soon as possible. The first part will be alcohol or drug detox under medical supervision. Coral Gables Florida 33144 Drug and alcohol detox provides the time necessary for the substances to leave the body completely. The next part of treatment usually involves inpatient or outpatient counseling and therapy. These therapies address the addiction and related behaviors. The process can take months. Professional treatment in Florida will give loved ones the best chance to recover from addiction successfully.