Drug abuse and alcohol abuse can be a scary topic. It can be hard to look at both because we don’t want to recognize the reality, and because it’s so easily hidden that we can find excuses to ignore it. But people in Vero Beach Florida are seeing an ever-increasing rate of drug abuse and alcohol abuse that can’t be ignored any longer if the state is to remain healthy.
Perhaps the scariest aspect of the substance abuse in Vero Beach Florida is that the people doing it and the people affected by it often aren’t even aware of the problem. The two most abused substances in Florida are prescription medications and alcohol. Because alcohol is legal, and the people abusing prescriptions are often doing so with the help of overly lenient or negligent doctors, it’s easy to think that it’s not an abuse problem. However, the people in these situations are often as or even worse off than those using traditional drugs of abuse such as meth or cocaine. This is one of the hardest parts about addressing the problem. One first must recognize that there is a problem to be addressed.

Once the person abusing the substance or a person close to them notices what’s going on, there are treatment options. Vero Beach Florida rehab centers offer specialized treatment options for the particular situation a person might find himself or herself in. Different substances require different treatments.

For example, with alcohol detox there’s an actual chance of fatality if a person isn’t monitored and helped during the process. A shocking number of deaths come from people who are long time alcohol abusers trying to get off the bottle on their own. The reality is that it’s actually one of the most damaging and dangerous substances to use long term or to try to suddenly go cold turkey on. Florida rehab centers can carefully monitor the process and help one to go through alcohol detox in a safe manner. Once the physical symptoms have been taken care of, focus can be put on the psychological issues, which started and kept someone drinking.

A similar situation exists for drug detox. A person comes in and identifies exactly what substances they’re abusing. Then appropriate measures are taken to help the person through the withdrawal. For most drugs, the process is quite difficult at first and appropriate measures can be taken. For example a person trying to get off an opiate-based substance may be given methadone to help them through the drug detox in Vero Beach Florida.